New Planning laws are a joke!

The new planning laws unveiled by the British government are nothing short of contemptible.

The new planning law reforms announced today by British Planning Minister, Lord Rooker, will have a detrimental effect on people like me who where reared in the countryside and who also want to rear their family there.

It was revealed that planning applications for single dwellings in the countryside will no longer be accepted, with little exception.

Beautiful Slieve Gullion, the area in which I was raised

I agree 100% with SDLP MLA Patsy McGlone when he says that "It takes you to be of the country to understand why people want to live and build on family land where their parents and generations before them have lived."

I was born and reared in the country and I don't have any family land in which to build a house but that doesn't mean that I don't want to buy a site and build a house in the future.

I am a culchie and I am proud of it!

I would never want to rear a family in a city or a town, these proposals are shambolic and if passed should be challenged in the courts at the first opportunity.

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