McDowell forced to apoligse for Nazi slur

I see Minister for Injustice, Michael McDowell has been publically humiliated and been forced into an embarrasing climbdown over his disgraceful protrayal of Fine Gael TD Richard Bruton as a Nazi. Now Fine Gael are many things, but Nazis are not one of them and to liken Mr. Bruton to Joesph Goebbels is insulting to those who suffered at the hands of Nazi madmen.

No political unit currently operating in Ireland is comparable to Nazis and it is extermely stupid and offensive to liken politicans to Nazis. it is unacceptable for anybody in public office to behave in this way. It seems McDowell is increasingly losing the run of himself and perhaps this indicates a wave of desperation sweeping across the entire Progressive Democrat party as they desperately try to escape the electoral pummelling which I feel is coming their way.

Amazingly McDowell initially refused to retract his comments but his behaviour is likely to have permanently damanged his creditibility (if he had any left in the first place). This man is embarassing Ireland but hopefully he won't be in his present position for too much longer.

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