Love Ulster - Hate Taigs (and Blacks)

I see Love Ulster is continuing to be exposed for the basiton of hatred that it is with the revelation that one of its organisers is a racist and an unapoligetic supporter of the old Apartheid system in South Africa under which the maority black community was denied the vote to vote and discriminated against in favour of the minority racist white rulers. Jim Dixon, who had his 2001 Westminster candidature supported by the DUP and was a previous election candidate for the UKUP has made the outrageous claim that "Under apartheid, the black man was better paid, they had better jobs, better everything. He was treated better than anywhere else in the world".

Its amazing to think that in this day and age there are still people holding such outdated and bigotted views. Dixon claims that blacks prefered apartheid. I wonder does he have a shred of evidence for this outrageous claim. Apartheid of one of the world's most shameful periods and those who continue to support it are nothing but bigots and racists full of hatred. And it is not merely Blacks in South Africa who face the wrath of Mr. Dixon. He believes that;

It’s wrong that blacks are coming to Northern Ireland, I couldn’t care less if people call me a racist.

Immigration is a recipe for trouble. It shouldn’t happen anywhere. Each to their own. Other races should have their own schools, hospitals and buses.

These remarks are completely unacceptable and I would agree entirely with the SDLP's Tommy Gallagher that this is a clear example of incitement to hatred. Love Ulster's own people have provided yet more evidence of why this organisation should be treated with disdain.


billy said...

I hate taigs!

brian said...

me too, they are cunts!

Cyril said...

Why are they so fuckin hateful??? Their eyes are close together too!! CUNTS

billy said...

I am lookin forward to the day that hell will be full, when Martin Maguinness is dead, he is the biggest CUNT in the world. Burn in hell CUNT

cyril said...


Nerys said...

Don't understand why anyone would want to live in that vile disgusting hate-filled place dump. Stupid bunch of Satanic demons fighting over God - but what do you expect from thickos?