Irish and the wannabe Irish

I was amused but not surprised to learn that in Britain Irish is the number one wannabe nationality, with new evidence revealing many claim Irish connections - including having Irish ancestors "somewhere", "knowing someone Irish", and simply "wanting to be Irish".

In the independent survey commissioned by Rankin Selection Irish Breads, nearly half of all English, Scottish and Welsh people questioned said they would prefer to be Irish, after their own nationality.

The survey which was conducted across Britain and Ireland, also revealed that 80% of respondents put St Patrick's Day ahead of their own patriotic days, as part of what the survey commissioners branded "plastic paddy syndrome".

In England just 13% nominated St George's Day as most important, while St Andrew's and St David's Days got 5% and only 3% respectively.

I am not surprised by this information. Working in a hotel I have regular contact with the residents and the amount of English people who visit is unbelievable. They just love the place; they love the Irish culture and attitude to life.

We have a very family orientated culture and a social culture which places an emphasis on enjoyment which appeals to many people.

The old adage rings true, the world is full of those who are Irish and those who want to be Irish.

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