Fr Reid named Tipperary Person of Year

I was pleased to learn that Fr Alec Reid has been named Tipperary Person of the Year. Fr Reid has played a pivotal role within the Irish peace process and he must be saluted for having the courage to do and say things which other people wouldn't.

Association chairman Michael Fenton said Nenagh native Fr Reid has been acclaimed both at home and abroad for his pivotal role as a peacemaker.

“In fact many people on the inside of the discussions credit Fr Reid as being the person who started the process,”

I disagreed with his comments about Unionists and Nazis but I do have sympathy with him, I am not sure I would be able to hold my tongue with Willie "My UDR/UVF family members were innocent so they were" Frazer either.

Fr Reid has done great work and is rightly honoured.

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