Does Dodds defend the UDA?

I wouldn’t normally agree with a lot of what Newtown Emerson has to say but I read a very interesting piece from him in yesterday’s Irish News which has been reproduced on Newshound. In it, he exposes the hypocrisy of the DUP’s reaction to last week’s raids on Loyalists at the Alexandra bar.

Emerson castigates Nigel Dodds for doing nothing other than defending the Loyalists arrested. The DUP man has criticised the necessity of the “high profile” raid but unsurprisingly the DUP has no problem with high profile raids so long as they are in South Armagh and not North Belfast. It is pointed out that most ordinary decent people living want nothing to do with paramilitaries but it becomes difficult for them to express such an opinion when their political representatives do nothing other than provide political cover for the UDA.

The hypocrisy of the DUP is also shown in their attitudes towards other dealings with Loyalists. The DUP are happy to condemn those who are trying to reach some sort of consensus and compromise with those Loyalists willing to listen to reason, yet the DUP re showing no leadership whatsoever.

As Newton succinctly puts it;

Finally, Nigel Dodds really needs to have a word with Ian Paisley jnr, who has called on President Mary McAleese to disassociate herself from the Jackie McDonald faction of the UDA. It seems that the DUP is unhappy with political overtures towards some loyalists, yet also unhappy with security clampdowns against other loyalists.
In fact, it almost looks as if the DUP is siding not just with loyalism but with loyalism's hawks over its doves.

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