Dáil demands justice for Finucanes.

I’m glad to see that in a rare moment of political consensus, the Dáil has unanimously called on the British government to grant a full and independent inquiry into the killing of Pat Finucane. I’ve commented many times on my disdain towards the British attitude on this case. The Inquiries act of 2005 is nothing more than an attempt by the British state to keep their grubby past secret and to avoid having to admit that the British state had a hand in killing people whom it was supposed to protect.

I would agree fully with Labour TD Michael D. Higgins who remarked to the Dáil that;

One can only conclude that the British government want to indulge in a major cover-up in order to prevent the true nature of the collusion between the Royal Ulster Constabulary and the loyalist paramilitaries who murdered Pat Finucane coming into the public domain

The Finucanes have had to wait a lot time for justice and for the truth, as have many families. They should not be made to wait much longer. The Irish government must make sure that this Dáil motion is not merely hollow words. They must put as much pressure as possible on the British government on behalf of the Dáil and the Irish people to ensure that the Finucanes get the independent and open inquiry they deserve.

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