Complete demilitarisation and end political policing

That was the message of Sinn Féin MLA Alex Maskey in response to today's Non-Independent Monitoring Commission's report. Alex rightly pointed out that the N-IMC report carries no significance; it is a discredited body made up of Securocrats and a British Lord who have no place or basis under the GFA and the body is only in existence at the behest of rejectionist Unionism.

Alex called for a speedy completion by the British Government of a full programme of demilitarisation, including the dismantling of its entire war machinery and an end to political policing.

"The British Government committed to a rolling programme of demilitarisation. The facts of the matter are that there has only been a minimal reduction in British Troop deployment in the north of Ireland in the past year. There are presently over 9000 British soldiers based in the Six Counties. There are also a large number of British army bases."

"The closure of a number of observation posts in South Armagh is of course welcome. However, recent revelations about the British Army spying operations in the area along with growing evidence of an increase in incidents of political policing throughout the north suggests that the British Government are more interested in the transformation of their war machinery in the north of Ireland rather than dismantling it."

"Political progress requires the British Government to commit to peaceful and democratic activity. They must end their war against nationalists and republicans. This requires the speedy completion of a full programme of demilitarisation and the end to political policing."

The NIO have given an assurance that all British Army fortifications will be dismantled by May. From looking at Foughill Mountain beside my home I can't see any rush by the Brit's to dismantle that particular piece of their war machinery or any of the other spy posts.

The IRA kept their side of the deal, it's time the Brit's lived up to their obligations.

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