Blog Awards!

The night of reckoning has arrived for Balrog as the winners of the Irish Blog Awards are announced tonight. Unfortunately I cant make it tonight but hopefully it’ll be a great night for all concerned. I know it’s a cliché but it really is an honour just to be nominated considering the quality of many of the blogs which didn’t make the cut. Balrog is nominated for Best Political Blog and Best Group Blog and Chris is up for Best commentator (though I have to admit I didn’t even vote for him! Pat McLarnon got my vote for best commentator but Chris is a worthy finalist) We face some very stiff competition from greats sites such as Slugger and United Irelander but sure win or lose, at least we gave it a lash!

As Chris mentioned earlier, Balrog has recently celebrated its first birthday and I must say that I’m delighted with the way in which the site has progressed since last March. Hopefully we’ll continue to improve but a lot of the credit has to go to the readers and commentators.
Finally, a big thank you to Damien Mulley for organising these awards. He’s put a huge deal of effort in and everybody connected with the Irish blogosphere should be extremely appreciative for the work he has done in highlighting blogging to a wider audience. Fair play, Damien!

Update - Word is filtering through that Slugger have picked up the Best Political Blog Award and that tcal.net have received the Best Group Blog crown. No word yet on how Chris has done in the Best Commentator category. Congratulations to all the winners, the recognition is richly deserved.

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