Balrog, 1 year old

I just realised that this month marks the first birthday of Balrog as the top Irish Republican blog. It seems like only yesterday when I first posted, wondering would anyone read my stuff. A lot of my inspiration came from Mick Fealty, the sort of unofficial Daddy of Bloglaigh na hÉireann.

Many people, my Republicans readers especially, may be surprised to learn that the reason I decided to start Balrog was because of DUP councillor Christopher Stalford. I stumbled onto his "Fair Dealin" site and thought I could do a much better job at blogging.

Bloglaigh na hÉireann at that time lacked a pro-Sinn Féin voice. Since then however we have great Republican sites like Wednesday's Irish Politics Blog and more recently Brendans Blog, both party members from Dublin. I am almost sure that I am the first party member to set up a blog of their own and I am glad to say that I was shortly joined by the co-runner of Balrog, Paddy.

We now have a robust and diverse Republican blog crew on board as well as a loyal and diverse readership. Our readership has never been higher and I would just like to say thanks to our readers and those who post comments, you are the reason that Balrog is the success that it is.

I intend to keep Balrog fresh and I have plans for this site when any future elections occur. This will hopefully mean exclusive interviews with Sinn Féin candidates and election analysis.

I would like this blog to take on a sharper edge in the future and I would encourage readers to post suggestions, either for posts or the direction in which the blog is going.

I can be reached by e-mail if anyone has anything they would like to see brought up.

I would like to end by thanking our readers once again; it is humbling to know that someone reads your opinions every day.


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