AUT on Strike.

I was quite disturbed during the week to hear of the industrial action planned by Univeristy Lecturers. A one day strike will take place on Tuesday and Lecturers have been mandated by their Union to boycott dealing with examinations or coursework.

The situation was explained to us by a lecturer during the week and while he couldn't have been more informative, the situation certainly seemed a little troubling. While there are a number of months untill examinations, many modules have course work due in the next number of weeks and large chunks of modules may be thrown into jeopardy if this situation is not resolved. The stress of final year is bad enough without this sort of extra complication.

I don't clame the lecturers. One of my law lecturers explained that he hated these situations but that he refused to break official strikes and I have respect for his positions. What I don't respect are the money grabbing universities who are determined to milk their insititutions for every penny they can without regard to the needs of their students or staff. The demands of the AUT do not seem excessive and I think the univeristies have an obligation to reach a settlement.

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