Whos Next???

As the bigoted demagogue that is Ian Richard Kyle Paisley nears the conclusion of his life, myself and another well learned republican struck up an intriguing debate on who would assume Big Docs leadership mantle once he kicks the bucket. Baby Doc can be ruled out of the running as the man has suffered a complete charisma by pass and he only holds a prominent position due to his da. He may well be next in line for Big Docs North Antrim seat but the man just lacks leadership qualities. Willie Mc Crea may well fancy himself as the next leader but all he does is sing silly songs and talk shite! Sammy 'The Stripper' Wilson may well be in the running but his economic views are likely to hinder that! Donaldson the slippery wee git (no not Dennis but Jefferey) may well be in the running though the fact he is a johnny come lately defecter would help his case much. My money is on either Peter 'The Punt' Robinson Paisleys long term right hand man or the ape lokk-a-like Nigel Dodds. It will be interesting ( and indeed quite delightful) to watch the schisms develop and grow within the DUP and who gains support from the majority is anyones guess at this stage. If any bloggers feel theres some contender I have over looked just b log them.

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