Where were you 25 years ago, Ian?

I see Paisley is using his party's conference to come out with his usual bulster. Over the weekend, I wonder will the good Doctor contemplate an important anniversary in his political career. As Gerry Adams pointed out earlier today, 25 years ago this weekend, Mr. Paisley was taking part in a set of very different proceedings;

25 years ago this weekend it was a different setting. On that occasion Mr. Paisley was standing on a hillside in the semi-darkness near Ballymena in County Antrim. He was facing 500 men drawn up in military formation. At the blast of a whistle they jumped to attention and each displayed what Ian Paisley described as 'a legally held firearms certificate'.

When asked what this meant he told the watching journalists; 'It means that these men hold guns legally and they are prepared to defend their province and their rights in the same way as Lord Carson and the men of the UVF were prepared'.

A few days earlier the DUP leader had launched his Carson Trail series of rallies and signed a 'covenant' in imitation of that signed in 1912 by unionists opposed to Home Rule. Mr. Paisley's 'covenant' committed the signatories to 'using all means which may be found necessary' to defend their piece of Ulster

Ian Paisley claims to love democracy. In reality, he doesn't give a damn about democracy unless it suits him and his extremist agenda.

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