We will not be treated as Irish Niggers!

I would like to applaud Gerry Adams for his assertion that Republicans will not be "sent to the back of the bus" in relation to negotations.

Sinn Féin president Gerry Adams yesterday told Daily Ireland that Republicans will not be sent “to the back of the bus” in political negotiations.The West Belfast MP also declared that Sinn Féin will exercise a ‘positive veto’ to keep the peace process on track.

“I was actually shocked at the stupidity and naivety of the proposition which was being put to us. Here we are 11 years beyond John Major, and here’s the governments thinking that we would go to the back of the bus or go through a process of excluding ourselves,”

Sinn Féin have shown the Brits and the DUP that we have a veto as well

“There is a lot of focus at times on the veto that unionists have. Well, we have a veto as well and we use it in a positive way"

Yet again the Stoops have shown themselves up for what they are, stooges to the DUP!!

They agreed to the exclusion of Sinn Féin, the largest Nationalist/Republican party. They will learn, just like the Brits, that they will not be allowed to exclude the majority of Nationalism from the Political process.

The times have changed, we will not be rolling over for anyone!!

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