US arrogance knows no bounds

I see Bush's arrogance and self-importance has hit hyperspeed as he delivered his "State of the Union" speech (It's Karl Rove's speech, it isn't actually his). Bush has the audactity to say that Iran can have nuclear power, but not a nuclear weapon.

I would love to know what conditions need to be met before a country is allowed a nuclear weapon?

Israel has nuclear weapon's and that doesn't fill me with hope or peace of mind. We also need to look at the only country to ever actually use a nuclear weapon, the US!!!.

Bush and the West doesn't seem to realise that these kind of comments will be responsible for an extra 10 suicide bombers, an extra 100 Hamas supporters and an extra 50 members of Al Qaeda.

The East is inflamed because the West has a superiority complex that borders on narcissism.

The West does not have the right to police the world. It doesn't have the right to set the rules and dictate the pace of the game.

You would have thought they had learned this by now, sadly this does not seem o be the case.

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