Too far, way too far

Sorry people for my lack of blogging activity recently but I only returned yesterday evening from a trip to Cardiff for the Carling Cup final. I'm a huge Manchester United fan and even though I didn't get a ticket for the match, I still enjoyed the atmosphere hugely.

A soccer atmosphere is very different from a GAA match. there is an awful lot more singing at soccer matches, something which is not a feature of GAA crowds, probably because things tend to move so fast in GAA games that there simply isn't any time for singing.

I have to say that I enjoy the singing and some of the songs are crude but hilarious and extermely addictive! However there are another set of songs sing by United fans which cross the line of good taste and which should not be acceptable, songs which mock the Hillsborough tragedy where 96 people died after a deadly crush at a football stadium in Sheffield. Sadly these songs are sung by a small minority and range from chants of "Murderers" to "You killed your own fans" and even "96 was not enough". Now of course it is not only United fans who mock the dead, Man City and Liverpool fans regulary refer to Manchester United as Munich, a disgusting reference to the Munich Air Diasaster where the promising young United team of the 1950s perished in snow on their way home from a European Cup match in Belgrade.

Mocking the deaths of innocents is not acceptable behaviour, however much you might dislike the team they played for or supported. I hope eventually the minority of idiots who sing these songs wise themselves up.

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