Three spooks and a Lord give their opinion

I see the IMC has released their "report" on the activities of the IRA since last July. This body has no basis in the Good Friday Agreement and is a sop to rejectionist Unionism. This body is totally unaccountable and their "sources" are nothing more than Securocrats who are intent on destabilising the Peace Process.

According to the IMC the IRA is involved in gathering "intelligence"

What sort of intelligence?

How are they gathering it?

Who are your sources?

Anyone can sit at a table and make accusations and then claim that they have been informed by "sources".

This is totally ridiculous and proves absolutely nothing. The only people to benefit from this is the DUP. This is of course the intention of the Securocrats, they have constantly "leaked" documents to Ian Paisley over the years and not just to Ian Paisley but to Unionist death squads as well.

This commission has no authority and they have no basis in the Good Friday Agreement.

Yet again more failed politicians and securocrats attempt to destabilise the process.

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