They left their barstools to free Ireland!

I am disgusted but hardly surprised to learn that dissident Republicans have staged a violent counter-demonstration in response to the "Love Ulster" parade organised by bigot Willie Frazer.

Barstool Republicans who go out once a year to free Ireland, They then return to the sanctity of their public houses and convince themselves that they are the "Real" Republicans.

This rag tag bunch of barstool republicans has gifted Frazer with the perfect propaganda tool, what a bunch of idiots!!

We all know that the whole "Love Ulster" enterprise is nothing but a cover for Unionist death squads and so-called "innocent victims". The relatives of these innocent victims neglect to tell the public that their relatives were shot, not because of their religion but because they were UDR/UVF members of the Gleanne Gang.

A gang that was responsible for the murder of the Miami Show band, the Bombing of Kay's Tavern in Dundalk, the Attack on Donnelly's bar in Silverbridge and the Dublin and Monaghan bombings.

These barstool republicans would have been better letting the bigot’s parade in the Nations capital; after all it's their capital as well.

Wille having a quiet word with British Police

What Frazer didn't want was a peaceful parade; this ordeal today is exactly what he wanted.

Next time there is a parade lads, stay in the fucking pub where you belong!

You will surely free Ireland from there!

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