Spooks at it again!

I see that the Securocrats in the North are still intent on destabilising the peace process. In a report submitted to the Irish and British governments, Canadian General John de Chastelain’s decommissioning body revealed that an accusation was made against the IRA last week by "security sources" in the North that IRA members had held on to handguns and other weapons.

This is a total fabrication by Spooks in the intelligence community. The Gardaí have insisted that there is absolutely no evidence to back up this ridiculous claim. The IICD have also stated that it still believed the IRA destroyed all the weapons under their control last September.

“We conclude that in the absence of evidence to the contrary our September 26 assessment regarding IRA arms remains correct.”

Yet again we see more false allegations emanating from the Spook community, I doubt that they will be the last.

This is a group that must be sorted out before any progress can be made in the North.

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