Songs of fallen hero's?

I was listening to a few of my CD's over the weekend when in a quiet moment of realisation the irrefutable role song has played in the republican struggle dawned on me. Song has been a bastion of strength for republicans throughout the multifarious phases of our ages old freedom struggle. Songs such as The Two Brendans and Pol Kinsella recall for republicans poignantly the selfless sacrifice their comrades made for the cause of Irish unification.

Republicans have also used song to motivate themselves in the face of grave despair as songs like Roll of Honour and Loughall prove. But then there's songs like Old Brigade and Celtic Symphony that every wanabee Provo and bar stool 'republican' knows and sings whilst absolutely pissed.

This has in turn created its own problem of certain bands such as the Wolfe Tones shamefully profiteering from republican music and the republican cause. I would not mind if the fuckers were republican but they aren't. A friend of my told me how his family from Belfast met the four fuck bags in Dublin. It was a big thing for his family meeting the Wolfe Tones but when they asked them their opinion on the situation in the 6 counties at the time (1970s) one replied "We don't support that kind of thing. We're more about the Old IRA." I wonder if the fucker knows 'Take it Down'.

Don't get me wrong, I am all in favour of rebel bands selling CDs and helping the cause at the same time. I know many rebel bands like Finin, Village Folk and Shebeen are genuine republicans. Shebeen have even donated the proceeds of their first CDs to Tyrone PDF!

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