Questions, questions, questions!

About a month ago, a number of bloggers gave their readers a chance to ask them any question (within reason) and the blogger in qustion would give an honest reply. It was an interesting experiement and it was informative to see what questions and answers people came up from. The point of the excerise is that all types of topics can come up, often some that wouldn't usually be mentioned on a normal blogging day. So in the spirit of inclusiveness and for a bit of craic, I'm going to open the floor and let any balrog readers ask whatever questions they want (without getting too personal or abusive please). I promise to do my best to give honest answers to genuine questions. If there's anything you've been wanting to know (possibly excepting the meaning of life), now's your chance. After all, if its good enough for Joblog, United Irelander and David Vance, its good enough for me! I'll let the questions accumulate and hopefully answer them tomorrow.

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