QUBSU Elections

How do people? I am sorry for Balrog's lack of activity this last while, I have been busy and a few of my comrades have gone AWOL. I have been involved in Election mode for the last two weeks.

I am standing for Vice President Education in Thursday's election at Queen's. My running mates are Barry McColgan, who is standing for V.P Welfare, and Kevin McGourty who is standing for re-election as V.P Clubs and Services.

The Gown describes me as "perhaps Queen's best know republican student", quite an honour!

So there you have it, a South Armagh man, a West Tyrone man and a West Belfast man on an electoral ticket.

What more could you want?

It is a turbulent time when one has to "press the flesh", kiss babies or is that babes?

Anyway I am knee deep in Political campaigning and I will be very inactive for the next couple of days on Balrog.

I have an engagement this evening that has up to 300 votes up for grabs, perhaps I need to stay half way sober? Nah!!!!!!

Remember people, any QUB voters out there who are reading this get voting on Thursday.

I will know if you didn't (joke!!)

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