Political dinosaur getting desperate

It seems the DUP's level of desperation is gaining by the day. It appears that Ian Paisley is now demanding that Sinn Féin be disbarred from the talks. I do find it a little sad that the orphan boy Oliver is calling on the Brits to ban Sinn Féin, the majority Nationalist party in the 6 counties, from the talks process.

According to Paisley "You cannot sit at a table as IRA/Sinn Féin"

I agree, that is not a factor however because we sit at the talks table as Sinn Féin.

When Paisley calls for Sinn Féin to be disbarred he is in effect calling for the majority of Nationalists in North to be disbarred. This is hardly surprising considering Paisleys past.

Paisley needs to accept that today is a totally different ball game. Republicans will not be sidelined by sectarian bigots.

We are at the talks table by virtue of our electoral mandate, the same as Paisley.

I always knew big Ian had a problem understanding democracy.

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