No Welcome for Mary

I see certain Unionist councillors in Omagh have once again shown how narrow minded and petty they can be by refusing to welcome the President of Ireland, Mary McAleese when she visited Omagh recently. According to the DUP's Tom Buchanan, Mrs. McAleese is;

president of a country that is seeking to have a big political input into Northern Ireland, something that can never happen.

Do not forget she represents a country that, over the years, has refused to extradite terrorists who murdered our people. Have no doubt about it, she has no love for unionist culture, cause or ethos.

Strange that the DUP have no love for the Irish culture, cause or ethos, yet they still deem themselves fit to take political office and "have a big political input in Northern Ireland." And for a man so touchy about terrorists, its somewhat surprising that Mr. Buchanan sees fit to represent a party led by the founders of Ulster Resistance.

This type of pettiness exposes the DUP as the narrow-minded backwoodsmen that they really are. If we are ever to get anywhere as a society we need to learn a little about tolerance and we have to able to able to respect and work with people who hold different political opinions to our own. While the DUP continue to ignore this, they seem intent on holding this society back.

Fair play to those Unionist councillors who welcomed Mrs. McAleese. Shame on those who didn't.

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