The National flag is made up of Orange as well

-I see that "Love Ulster" (or more correctly 6 counties of it) mouthpiece Willie Frazer has not ruled out a re-run of Saturday's sucessfull provocation/march. I hope he does apply for a re-run because it is about time that so-called "Republicans" had a bit of training on what it actually means to be a Republican.

Now let's not be fooled here, that march and any further march was/will be designed for one reason only and that reason is to provoke violence. Willie Frazer is an odious little man who is given way too much publicity. He tells lies in relation to the activities and membership of some of those "innocent Protestants" who were killed in South Armagh during the 70's. I have no time for him but he is still entitled to the same protection under Bunreacht na hÉireann as I am.

It is acceptance by Unionist's that Dublin does have a part to play and their de facto acceptance of Dublin as the Nations capital should be welcomed.

The Tricolour is made up of Green White and Orange, not just Green and Unionists should be allowed to hold a march in Dublin's city centre in the same way that Sinn Féin did last year.

Just ignore him, he is just a spolit child who is looking for attention!

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