More lies from Frazer.

While over in Cardiff, I was saddened and angered to hear of the riots in Dublin. Like Chris, I have nothing but contempt for the dissident idiots who saw fit torun amok and destory our capital city. I would also like to pay tribute to the inidvidual guards on duty who seem to have done an excellent job and shown extreme despite being let down badly by their superiors.

The fault for Saturday's disgraceful scene falls squarely on those who were rioting and those who organised the completly unnecessary protests, however unsurprisingly, LoveUlster Bigot-in-chief, Willie Frazer is trying to make political capital for his "Only Protestants are victims" campaign by blaming President McAleese for what happened.

The stupidity is astounding. Does he really think that the low-lifes who were rioting on Saturday did so because of a careless remark by a President they don't respect over a year ago, for which she promptly apoligised? Any reasonable person who realise that this is a ridiculous theory and I'd say that Frazer probably doesn't even believe it himself. All he wants is ammunition for his anti-Irish campaign and those so-called Republicans should hang their heads in shame for giving him that ammunition on Saturday.

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