Morality, Catholic style!

Am I the only one, apart from Vincent Browne it seems, to be totally disgusted by the barefaced double standards and unbelievable logic of the situation surrounding former Bishop of Galway Eamonn Casey?

The demand from certain quarters of Catholic society that he apologise for the "hurt" he caused before he be allowed to settle back in Ireland boils my blood!

This man behaved badly towards his former partner, Annie Murphy, and towards their son, Peter. It is to them that he owes an apology, not to anyone else. He has already apologised in the past to the "public"

What annoys me so much is the lack of perspective in this case. Mr Casey didn't do anything unnatural. He embraced his humanity and gave in to temptation. How many of us could say with hand on heart that we could live an unnatural life of celibacy?

He engaged in one of the most natural human emotions that we have, love!

What annoys me is the sheer hypocrisy coming from certain quarters of the church who weren't so vocal when it came to the dirty perverted bastards of the cloth!

These scumbags abused children over and over again and what did the Church do? They tried to buy the children's silence!

They moved these filth merchants around to different parishes and allowed them to do it to different children all over again. They concealed and lied time after time.

This sort of hypocrisy and disgusting logic places a deep poison in the depth of my stomach. Paedophilia is unnatural, celibacy is unnatural and abusing little children so that some dirty old bastard gets his jollies is definitely unnatural. They are all actions against God, what Eamonn Casey did is not unnatural and not an action against God.

Some of the blinded sheep that roam amongst the Catholic Church would need to wake up!

This story has really annoyed me!

What does everyone else think?

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