Irish Blog Awards; Vote early, Vote often!

I see the nominations for the Irish Blog Awards have been announced and the public vote is open. I am very pleased that both myself and Balrog are up for so many awards.

We/I have been nominated for

1. Best Blog/Blogger (Chris Gaskin)

2. Best Blog Post ( 2 posts to choose from)
Balrog - Abortionists demand legalisation of murder
Balrog - Fair Play Liz

3. Best Political Blog (Balrog)

4. Best Group Blog (Balrog)

5. Best Comment/Commenter (Chris Gaskin)

You can vote here

I must first say that I am humbled and honoured at those of you who have nominated both myself and Balrog for these awards.

We face stiff competition and I know many of you will have split loyalties so if you do face a difficult choice I would ask that you pick us for the Best Political Blog as that is an award that I believe would best reflect the work that the entire Balrog team does.

I would ask that you observe an old Republican maxim

Vote early and vote often! ;)

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