Fermanagh republicans make Irish president feel welcome

I was pleased to learn from a Balrog reader (Thanks J) that Republicans in Roslea, after hearing Paisley's comments on Saturday about Mary McAleese not feeling comfortable in RUC/PSNI military bases, decided to erect a tricolour on the lookout tower of Roslea's British embassy.

The base is currently being dismantled by a crowd of very rude Orangemen (who no doubt were ferried in and out of the area over the years to rebuild and renovate it).

The protest was about the failure of the Police Authority to engage with the community and come to agreement on the community groups use of the site and buildings.

Instead the Police Authority intend to sell it to the highest bidder starting at £600,000. A union jack was flown full time in the base by the Brits, much to the annoyance of the nationalist residents of Roslea.

Perhaps Mary could visit this RUC/PSNI station, now under our National flag.

(Even though we couldn’t vote for her!)

Would this please Paisley do you think?

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