FAIR - Love Bigotry

I was reading the Sunday Tribune yesterday and came across an article which highlighted the sheer level of hatred and intolerance towards Ireland and Irishness which is displayed by the FAIR website which is run by "Love Ulster" campaigner, Willie Frazer.

You really have to read the entire article to get a feeling of the amount of hatred, lies and half-truths which Frazer tries to put forward as truth. The article basically involves Frazer attempting to compare the Irish state and Irish Republicanism as Nazi-like in nature. The hatred which courses through the article is sickening. Attempts to liken the Irish state to Nazi Germany are disgraceful and for Frazer to publish this nonsense shows just how far detached from reality the man really is.

He tries to find evidence for these outlandish claims by using incidents such as Irish neutrality in WW2 and also the fact that De Valera offered his condolences to the German representative in Dublin upon the death of Hitler. This proves nothing. It is the accepted behaviour of one state towards another and was merely a signal of Ireland's neutrality. It does not for one minute suggest that De Valera thought the Nazi regieme was anything other abhorrent. FAIR also try to equate Ireland's neutrality with support for the Nazis. Nothing could be further from the truth. Ireland had no option but neutrality. To have entered the war on the side of a country which had invaded Ireland for hundreds of years previously and had only left a couple of decades and which continued to occupy the northern part of the island was simply not an option. However, while Ireland may have remained neutral, the neutrality was known as "benevolent neutrality" where the Irish favoured the Allied forces by allowing them access to Irish airspace. There was also a practice in Ireland whereby Allied aircrafts which became stranded in Ireland would be re-fuelled and allowed to go on their way while Nazi planes in a similar position would be interned.

Of course, however, you wouldn't hear of these facts from Frazer simply because it does not suit FAIR's bigotted agenda of hatred towards Ireland and the Irish.

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