I see that the same sort of internal strife which riddled the UUP during the Trimble year may be becoming an issue inside the DUP.

Apparently the religious fundamentalist wing of the party are launching a campaign to “Save the DUP” from a slide into secularisation and political pragmatism. The issue of civil partnership seems to be a contentious issue for those who would prefer that the DUP took a fundamental “Born Again Christian” stance on moral and political matters.

It seems to me that the DUP is becoming a victim of its own success. A party that was once merely a Free Presbyterian pressure group is now the largest Unionist parties and with an influx of new activists from the anti-agreement faction of the UUP, it seems there is huge internal dissatisfaction amongst some members.

Is the DUP about to descend into civil war? Perhaps not but some day in future, the unifying figure of Ian Paisley may not be there and it’ll be very interesting to see what happens then.

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