DUP support Unification

I was watching last Thursday's Prime Time and I was shocked by the language of DUP MLA Edwin Poots. The programme looked at the issue of the Easter Rising and the fact that Fianna Fáil are re-introducing the Easter Parade. There is no doubt that Ahern is trying in vain to "out Republicanise" Sinn Féin but I support it none the less.

The interesting thing for me however was the language of Poots, who upon reflection must feel like an idiot. He regretted the partition of Ireland and came across at times as a Nationalist. He did however fail to realise that the Partition of Ireland was the fault of Unionism.

That is not up for debate!

Had it not been for Unionist unwillingness to share power with Catholics we would never have had a partitioned Island. On this note, Unionism must learn from the mistakes of their fore fathers. Just as their bigotry divided Ireland their present day bigotry may Unite it.

The Easter Rising is a very important part of my history, matched only by the 1981 Hunger Strikes. On my wall I have two framed pictures, one of the Proclamation and one of James Connolly. It is an event that needs to be celebrated, from the blood of those volunteer's sprung the light of liberty. That full liberty has not yet been realised but every Irish man and woman should be indebted to those brave men and women.

That odious creature of the night, Eoghan Harris, was his usual self. He described the Irish volunteers as "suicide bombers"; perhaps it's time to invoke Hensons Law on this imbecile.

Harris's ignorance is not surprising; he has always exuded an aura of a man who is ashamed to be Irish.

Martin Manseragh and Caoimhin O'Caolain got particularly annoyed by his disgusting comments and I don't blame them.

Poots's comments however were priceless!

According to Poots the men who fought in the Somme were justified because they went off to fight Imperalism.

What does he think the Easter Rising was about?

I wonder if his foot is still in his mouth?

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