Don't protest at LoveUlster, ignore them

I see that the Dublin "LoveUlster" parade is to be met with a counter-protest by "dissident Republicans." Do these idiots not realise that this is exactly what Frazer wants?!

Don't get me wrong, LoveUlster is an organisation run by secterian bigots for secterian bigots but the point is that they are coming to Dublin not to "spread their message" but rather in the hope that their parade will either be banned or attacked in order that they can try to show that Ireland is a state hostile to Unionists.

Frazer craves respectability but while his organisation is exposed for the hatred and bigotry it displays, he can never hope to have any credibility. FAIR characterises a bigoted, one-sided notion of victimhood. They hope to be able to expand this falsehood. This LoveUlster campaign is to pitied and ignored rather than actively challenged and those who fail to realise this play right into the bigots' hands.

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