Dermot stands up to the bigot

Fair play to Dermot Ahern for standing up to Paisley with regards to the DUP leader's disgraceful remarks about President Mary McAleese. I was talking to a Donegal Fianna Fáil supporter last night and he remarked that many in the south feel that too often the Irish government treat Paisley with kid gloves and allow him to get away with disgraceful bigotry towards the Irish state and Irish people. These sorts of comments should not be tolerated and Paisley should not be allowed to think that he can bully people into accepting these disgraceful slurs.

Once more Paisley has political isolated himself as the people who the DUP are supposed to be loyal too i.e. the Queen and the British government have been quick to distance themselves from his remarks. Peter Hain commented that;

The British Government holds President McAleese in very high regard. The Queen holds her in high regard. I personally am a great admirer of hers

What Paisley said should not be tolerated. As Dermot Ahern rightly pointed out, the Irish government would not make up lies about British leaders and if Ian Paisley has nothing to say about President McAleese which is not a lie and an unwarranted attack, then he should keep his mouth shut.

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