Decommission the Commission.

Following on from the latest report of the "Independent" Monitoring Commission which does nothing other than take the lies and baseless speculation of anti-Republican elements in Special Branch and dress them up in a cloak of respectibility, Sinn Féin TDs are to call on the irish government to withdraw their support for this anti-democratic farce. The IMC was set up outside the terms of the Good Friday Agreement and is nothing more than a vechicle through which anti-agreement elements of PSNI/RUC can give political cover to their rejectionist allies in the DUP.

Commenting on the latest report, Martin McGuinness MP was scathing in his attitude towards the IMC;

The IMC has no place in the political process. It is no part of the Good Friday Agreement. It subverts the democratic mandate of all of the political parties but is specifically targeted at Sinn Féin. The individuals who make up the IMC and the group collectively are hostile to Irish Republicanism and are a proxy for political policing.

Those who supply the information for the IMC reports include DUP supporters in Special Branch and are the same people who collapsed the political institutions and who ten years ago were controlling and directing a murder campaign against Sinn Féin members and the wider nationalist community.

These people are being allowed to make all kinds of allegations without any proof and are doing so in an attempt to hold the democratic process to ransom. They should not be allowed to succeed and the Irish government should not be financing and supporting their agenda.

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