Closer now than ever before?

After a debate with a very learned republican, whom I'll grudgingly admit I have respect for and whose opinions I value (have to be careful because I know he views the site) I have reached the conclusion that the GFA and the historic Army intiative has brought us closer to the reunification of our country than we have ever been before. The facts are plain to be seen! SF outline their approach to an all-Ireland economy, which is followed by that of the second largest nationalist party( I use the term loosely!) in the 6 co's and they are apart from a few technicalities pretty similar. We had Peter Hain talking on the issue. This was followed by a speech by Dermot Ahern which almost mirrored what Hain said. This indubitably is a paradigm of the progression towards a united Ireland. The DUP in their benighted mentality, refuse to deal with SF, prefering direct rule instead. Perhaps now they will realise that direct rule is quickly metamorphising into joint authority which will categorically result in a united Ireland. Had the DUP one single shred of political sense (and/or decency!) they would deal with SF and try and get something for their Unionist community out of the united Ireland, rahter that hopelessly try and stem the rising tide of reunification,

Beir bua agus Tiocfaidh Ar La!

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