Cigarettes and Alcohol

I would apologise for my lack of posting this last few days if I was sorry, the problem is I am not. It is the first week back of my last semester in QUB. This will be my last couple of months before I am no longer a student. That will be a very sad day when I have to enter the real world.

I am used to getting up a 12.00 pm and going to a lecture for an hour and then going to the pub. This is my third night on the piss and I am happy to say that my liver is talking about a trial seperation.

University is indeed the best days of your life, as my old English teacher used to say.

The only thing that spolis it is Tyrone women!

I was in one of Belfast's finest "sweat buckets" this evening and every girl that I spoke to was from Tyrone or else they were an airhead!

What has happenned to the good God's country women?

I can only conclude that the securocrats have conspired to prevent the good women of South Armagh from coming out to socialise.

Damn the Securocrats!!!!

My female readers will be pleased to hear that I am undertaking a "gender law" class. Now many will say why?

The simple answer is that I love rowing and this module gives me scope to row even more often than normal.

I wonder how they will react when I produce pictures of an abortion in class?

I suspect that I will be lynched by the female populus in the next couple of weeks so I implore you to treasure these last moments.

Slán ;)

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