CFC to meet Frazer.

I'm both surprised and disappointed to hear that Celtic Football Club are to meet with loyalist Director of Hate, Willie Frazer in an attempt to deal with allegations over secterianism. To me, this flies in the face of all logic. How can you deal with secterianism by meeting with a secterian hate-filled bigot?

If Celtic feel there is a problem within their support, then by all means deal with it in whatever way necessary but surely there are far more important and useful groups to be meeting with to tackle the problem. This seems to me to be nothing more than a PR exercise and it is a very misguided one. Frazer has shown his complete ignorance by coming out with the laughable statement that "Rangers seem to have knocked this sort of behaviour on the head." Really Mr. Frazer? Have you ever had a look at any Rangers fans' meesageboard where the amount of seething hatred and secterianism on show is appalling? Of course he hasn't, because Frazer is only interested in secterianism when he feels he can make himself a victim. He doesn't want to mention things like Rangers player Bobby Malcolm signing a fans' cast with the words FTP (a derogratory reference to his holiness the Pope for the more naive amongst you).

As I've written before, there is nothing Frazer craves more than respectability. Shame on Celtic for helping him gain it.

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