British army spying in Dromintee

I will firstly apologise for my lack of blogging this last while. There are two reasons for this, one is my alcoholism and the second is my involvement in Students' Union elections.

I see that Sinn Féin MP for Newry/Armagh, Conor Murphy, is to reveal a British Army document containing details of their spying operations in the Dromintee area of South Armagh.

The document clearly shows that the British state is spying not just on local homes but specifically on the local GAA club.

Conor Murphy will host a Press Conference in Sevastopol Street tomorrow morning (Thursday 22nd Feb) at 11am were he will give further details of the spying operation and outline a number of steps local people will be taking over the coming weeks to deal with this attack on their community.

I first heard of this last weekend and can reveal that not only are British army cameras and surveillance spying on my local GAA club but they are also spying on local residents of my parish.

This includes local councillors and respected members of the community.

This sort of activity is to be expected of the Brits in South Armagh, especially in Dromintee, which has long been a staunch Republican area.

The IRA has declared that their war is over, is it not about time that the Brits declared theirs over?

They never learn! They can spy all they want, Republicans are well used to that but they will never win in South Armagh!

It is about time that these foreign soldiers left our area and went back to their own country!

Over 80% of people in South Armagh vote Sinn Féin and our party will continue to fight for the removal of the forces of occupation. The people of South Armagh know that they can trust the Republican movement to look out for their interests.

In the words of a great man

Fuck off home British soldiers, fuck off home!!

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