Big Ian doing what he does best!

Big Ian has gone and done it again. As we all know, this man is a sectarian bigot, an inciter to violence, and a racist.

I believe there has to be questions asked about his mental state.

The Big Rev. has done some crazy things in his day, calling the Pope the Anti-Christ many times in public probably the most outrageous!

Lately the so called Doctor has raised his head again after a short absence from the public scene only to do what he does best, insulting people.

It wasn't enough to state that "Brian Cowan must have been a bad child, because with lips like those his mother must have stuck them to the floorboards".

Now he's insulted The President!

Paisley stated today, "I don't like her because she is dishonest. She pretends to love this province and she hates it."

The only one in my opinon who can't be trusted is Ian! Mrs McAleese never helped to found a terrorist group like Ulster Resistance.

Stop the bullshit Ian! Never mind insulting people, get down to negotiating! Never mind nit picking about the IRA. and exactly how they put their arms beyond use.

Where are the guns of Ulster Resistance Rev?

Maybe you should take some photo's of those!


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