Bertie defends governmental appointment.

I don't quite know what to make of the row which has erupted over Bertie Ahern's decision to overlook Fianna Fáil TD Séan Haughey for the position of Minster of State in the Agriculture and food department. Sean Haughey is of course the son of controversial former taoiseach Charlie Haughey. Now I realise that in politics there are always difficult decisions to make, however I would sincerely hope that Séan has not been overlooked simply because of his family background, as whatever Charlie may or may not have done, it is entirely wrong to visit the sins of the father on the son. I notice there are rumours that the PDs may have been involved in turning the decision against Mr. Haughey. This may well mean that the personal vendetta between Charlie Haughey and Des O'Malley may be continuing in the next generation. All I can say is that I hope that come the next election, the PDs won't be around to influence any governmental decisions.

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