Berry resigns

I see that Paul Berry has resigned from the DUP. Obviously this prooves once and for all that his protestations about how the Sunday World sex scandal were fabricated were nothing other than a desperate lie on DUP MLA's behalf. I'm sure all those people he threatened to sue are quaking in their boots.

I have little sympathy for Mr. Berry given the manner in which he conducted his political career, however I would feel sorry for his wife and family. However the most important thing which has to be examined is the actual reasoning behind his resignation. Is it against DUP rules to be a homosexual? The facts would suggest that it is and if so, this represents appalling bigotry.

The news will mean that the DUP may be nominating a replacement MLA (although you could argue how necessary that is). Whats odds on it being everybody's favourite LoveUlster bigot, the bould William Frazer?

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