Alderice Resigns

I see John Alerdice, member of the IMC and former speaker of the NI assembly has resigned his position in the Alliance party in an attempt to stave off allegations that he is not truely an independent. He needn't have worried since it is obvious that the supposed independence of the IMC is nothing more than farce engineered to give respectibility to Special Branch's latest nati-Republican rants. However this does raise an interesting issue - Is the former Alliance leader admitting that he was not truely independent during the formation of the previous IMC reports?

More lies from Frazer.

While over in Cardiff, I was saddened and angered to hear of the riots in Dublin. Like Chris, I have nothing but contempt for the dissident idiots who saw fit torun amok and destory our capital city. I would also like to pay tribute to the inidvidual guards on duty who seem to have done an excellent job and shown extreme despite being let down badly by their superiors.

The fault for Saturday's disgraceful scene falls squarely on those who were rioting and those who organised the completly unnecessary protests, however unsurprisingly, LoveUlster Bigot-in-chief, Willie Frazer is trying to make political capital for his "Only Protestants are victims" campaign by blaming President McAleese for what happened.

The stupidity is astounding. Does he really think that the low-lifes who were rioting on Saturday did so because of a careless remark by a President they don't respect over a year ago, for which she promptly apoligised? Any reasonable person who realise that this is a ridiculous theory and I'd say that Frazer probably doesn't even believe it himself. All he wants is ammunition for his anti-Irish campaign and those so-called Republicans should hang their heads in shame for giving him that ammunition on Saturday.

Too far, way too far

Sorry people for my lack of blogging activity recently but I only returned yesterday evening from a trip to Cardiff for the Carling Cup final. I'm a huge Manchester United fan and even though I didn't get a ticket for the match, I still enjoyed the atmosphere hugely.

A soccer atmosphere is very different from a GAA match. there is an awful lot more singing at soccer matches, something which is not a feature of GAA crowds, probably because things tend to move so fast in GAA games that there simply isn't any time for singing.

I have to say that I enjoy the singing and some of the songs are crude but hilarious and extermely addictive! However there are another set of songs sing by United fans which cross the line of good taste and which should not be acceptable, songs which mock the Hillsborough tragedy where 96 people died after a deadly crush at a football stadium in Sheffield. Sadly these songs are sung by a small minority and range from chants of "Murderers" to "You killed your own fans" and even "96 was not enough". Now of course it is not only United fans who mock the dead, Man City and Liverpool fans regulary refer to Manchester United as Munich, a disgusting reference to the Munich Air Diasaster where the promising young United team of the 1950s perished in snow on their way home from a European Cup match in Belgrade.

Mocking the deaths of innocents is not acceptable behaviour, however much you might dislike the team they played for or supported. I hope eventually the minority of idiots who sing these songs wise themselves up.

QUBSU Elections

How do people? I am sorry for Balrog's lack of activity this last while, I have been busy and a few of my comrades have gone AWOL. I have been involved in Election mode for the last two weeks.

I am standing for Vice President Education in Thursday's election at Queen's. My running mates are Barry McColgan, who is standing for V.P Welfare, and Kevin McGourty who is standing for re-election as V.P Clubs and Services.

The Gown describes me as "perhaps Queen's best know republican student", quite an honour!

So there you have it, a South Armagh man, a West Tyrone man and a West Belfast man on an electoral ticket.

What more could you want?

It is a turbulent time when one has to "press the flesh", kiss babies or is that babes?

Anyway I am knee deep in Political campaigning and I will be very inactive for the next couple of days on Balrog.

I have an engagement this evening that has up to 300 votes up for grabs, perhaps I need to stay half way sober? Nah!!!!!!

Remember people, any QUB voters out there who are reading this get voting on Thursday.

I will know if you didn't (joke!!)


The National flag is made up of Orange as well

-I see that "Love Ulster" (or more correctly 6 counties of it) mouthpiece Willie Frazer has not ruled out a re-run of Saturday's sucessfull provocation/march. I hope he does apply for a re-run because it is about time that so-called "Republicans" had a bit of training on what it actually means to be a Republican.

Now let's not be fooled here, that march and any further march was/will be designed for one reason only and that reason is to provoke violence. Willie Frazer is an odious little man who is given way too much publicity. He tells lies in relation to the activities and membership of some of those "innocent Protestants" who were killed in South Armagh during the 70's. I have no time for him but he is still entitled to the same protection under Bunreacht na hÉireann as I am.

It is acceptance by Unionist's that Dublin does have a part to play and their de facto acceptance of Dublin as the Nations capital should be welcomed.

The Tricolour is made up of Green White and Orange, not just Green and Unionists should be allowed to hold a march in Dublin's city centre in the same way that Sinn Féin did last year.

Just ignore him, he is just a spolit child who is looking for attention!

Three spooks and a Lord must go!

Sinn Féin Newry Armagh MP Conor Murphy has said that John Alderdice and the other three members of the IMC should resign and the Commission should be scrapped.

"The IMC was established outside and in breach of the terms of the Good Friday Agreement. It is a tool for the securocrats and the opponents of change. It is not and never has been independent. It is politically biased, has a clear anti Sinn Féin agenda, and its procedures are flawed."

"Sinn Féin has met with the IMC on a number of occasions and challenged each of the members of the Commissioners on their political bias, their lack of independence and their failure to employ any of the normal standards of proof required of other tribunals or similar bodies."

"When we met with the IMC, John Alderdice concealed the fact that he remained a member of the Alliance Party. His resignation from the Alliance Party at the end of last week does not mean that he will suddenly cease to be a political opponent of Sinn Féin."

"Sinn Féin has told both governments that the IMC is a problem which they created and it is one which they must resolve."

"John Alderdice and the other three members of the IMC should resign immediately and the IMC should be scrapped."

I agree with Conor, these people have their own axe to grind and are nothing more than the tool of Securocrats in RUC/PSNI Special Branch.

They offer nothing to the process and should be disbanded!


They left their barstools to free Ireland!

I am disgusted but hardly surprised to learn that dissident Republicans have staged a violent counter-demonstration in response to the "Love Ulster" parade organised by bigot Willie Frazer.

Barstool Republicans who go out once a year to free Ireland, They then return to the sanctity of their public houses and convince themselves that they are the "Real" Republicans.

This rag tag bunch of barstool republicans has gifted Frazer with the perfect propaganda tool, what a bunch of idiots!!

We all know that the whole "Love Ulster" enterprise is nothing but a cover for Unionist death squads and so-called "innocent victims". The relatives of these innocent victims neglect to tell the public that their relatives were shot, not because of their religion but because they were UDR/UVF members of the Gleanne Gang.

A gang that was responsible for the murder of the Miami Show band, the Bombing of Kay's Tavern in Dundalk, the Attack on Donnelly's bar in Silverbridge and the Dublin and Monaghan bombings.

These barstool republicans would have been better letting the bigot’s parade in the Nations capital; after all it's their capital as well.

Wille having a quiet word with British Police

What Frazer didn't want was a peaceful parade; this ordeal today is exactly what he wanted.

Next time there is a parade lads, stay in the fucking pub where you belong!

You will surely free Ireland from there!

Abbey CBS through to MacRory final

I was delighted to hear that Abbey CBS defeated St Mary's Magherafelt in the semi-final this morning. An early goal from Seamus Grant and Gerald McGarvey's 49th minute strike helped the Abbey claim a 2-7 to 0-7 victory at Dungannon.

It is the Abbey's first MacRory Cup final in 19 years and I know what this will mean to the school and the staff.

I would like to wish the School all the best in the final.


QUB beat the Poly in Sigerson semi-final

I am delighted to hear that Queen's have beaten bitter rivals "The Poly" (They sometimes masquerade as a legitimate University campus but no one buys that story) in the Semi-Final of the Sigerson Cup.

I know quite a few of the lads on the team and one is a running mate in next weeks Sabbatical elections in the Students' Union.

I believe that Queen's are more than capable of beating either DCU or UCC in the decider at Parnell Park tomorrow.

Congratulations Lads!

I would say the chorus of "No HND in QUB" and "We're going to f*** the Poly up the a***" was deafening today.

I would also like to wish my old Alma matter, Abbey CBS, all the best in their MacRory cup semi-final against St Mary's Magherafelt tomorrow.


We will not be treated as Irish Niggers!

I would like to applaud Gerry Adams for his assertion that Republicans will not be "sent to the back of the bus" in relation to negotations.

Sinn Féin president Gerry Adams yesterday told Daily Ireland that Republicans will not be sent “to the back of the bus” in political negotiations.The West Belfast MP also declared that Sinn Féin will exercise a ‘positive veto’ to keep the peace process on track.

“I was actually shocked at the stupidity and naivety of the proposition which was being put to us. Here we are 11 years beyond John Major, and here’s the governments thinking that we would go to the back of the bus or go through a process of excluding ourselves,”

Sinn Féin have shown the Brits and the DUP that we have a veto as well

“There is a lot of focus at times on the veto that unionists have. Well, we have a veto as well and we use it in a positive way"

Yet again the Stoops have shown themselves up for what they are, stooges to the DUP!!

They agreed to the exclusion of Sinn Féin, the largest Nationalist/Republican party. They will learn, just like the Brits, that they will not be allowed to exclude the majority of Nationalism from the Political process.

The times have changed, we will not be rolling over for anyone!!

British army spying in Dromintee

I will firstly apologise for my lack of blogging this last while. There are two reasons for this, one is my alcoholism and the second is my involvement in Students' Union elections.

I see that Sinn Féin MP for Newry/Armagh, Conor Murphy, is to reveal a British Army document containing details of their spying operations in the Dromintee area of South Armagh.

The document clearly shows that the British state is spying not just on local homes but specifically on the local GAA club.

Conor Murphy will host a Press Conference in Sevastopol Street tomorrow morning (Thursday 22nd Feb) at 11am were he will give further details of the spying operation and outline a number of steps local people will be taking over the coming weeks to deal with this attack on their community.

I first heard of this last weekend and can reveal that not only are British army cameras and surveillance spying on my local GAA club but they are also spying on local residents of my parish.

This includes local councillors and respected members of the community.

This sort of activity is to be expected of the Brits in South Armagh, especially in Dromintee, which has long been a staunch Republican area.

The IRA has declared that their war is over, is it not about time that the Brits declared theirs over?

They never learn! They can spy all they want, Republicans are well used to that but they will never win in South Armagh!

It is about time that these foreign soldiers left our area and went back to their own country!

Over 80% of people in South Armagh vote Sinn Féin and our party will continue to fight for the removal of the forces of occupation. The people of South Armagh know that they can trust the Republican movement to look out for their interests.

In the words of a great man

Fuck off home British soldiers, fuck off home!!


Stardust Victims deserve better

I see one of the survivors of the Stardust tragedy is to stand as an Independent in the next Dáil election. This terrible tragedy happened 25 years ago last week and it is disgraceful and a matter of national shame that after a quarter of a century, the families have not had their grievances dealt with. 48 people died needlessly simply because the fire exits were chained in an attempt to stop people getting into the disco without charge. Employing extra staff would cost too much, so the lives of many young people were put in danger.

The Stardust victims' group want a full independent inquiry and this is the very least they deserve, espicially when you consider that the initial inquiry has been discredited.

I read a very interesting article from Susan McKay on the tragic issue in yeterday's Irish News. She referred to the song about the Stardust by Christy Moore, entitled "They Never Came Home". I remember hearing this song a number of years ago. It was the first time I'd ever heard of tragedy and the story Christy tells is shocking. He is scathing of politicans' attitutes towards the victims;

Our leaders were shocked, grim statements were made
They shed tears in the graveyard as the bodies were laid
The victims have waited in vain for 4 years
It seems like our leaders shed crocodile tears

It is shocking to compare the manner in which the owner of the nightclub was treated compared to those who had lost children. The nightclub was valued as being worth IR£581,496 compensation, the lives of the children only IR£7,500. That equates a nightclub as being worth 77 children.

Days turn to weeks and weeks turn to years
Our laws favour the rich or so it appears
A woman still waits for her lads to come home
Injustice breeds anger and that's what's been done

The anger and injustice that these families have suffered should never be forgotten. Their campaign is a worthy one and I sincerely hope that they get what they deserve and that there will be full disclosure on this awful chapter in Irish history.

Still a Socialist!

I know these "political tests" bug the life out of some people. but I have to admit that I like them and think they are exteremly interesting.

I found one over at Hugh Green's blog that I thought was worth doing. The results didn't surprise me but still its nice to be re-assured that I'm not changing too much!

You are a

Social Liberal
(70% permissive)

and an...

Economic Liberal
(16% permissive)

You are best described as a:


Link: The Politics Test on Ok Cupid
Also: The OkCupid Dating Persona Test

Closer now than ever before?

After a debate with a very learned republican, whom I'll grudgingly admit I have respect for and whose opinions I value (have to be careful because I know he views the site) I have reached the conclusion that the GFA and the historic Army intiative has brought us closer to the reunification of our country than we have ever been before. The facts are plain to be seen! SF outline their approach to an all-Ireland economy, which is followed by that of the second largest nationalist party( I use the term loosely!) in the 6 co's and they are apart from a few technicalities pretty similar. We had Peter Hain talking on the issue. This was followed by a speech by Dermot Ahern which almost mirrored what Hain said. This indubitably is a paradigm of the progression towards a united Ireland. The DUP in their benighted mentality, refuse to deal with SF, prefering direct rule instead. Perhaps now they will realise that direct rule is quickly metamorphising into joint authority which will categorically result in a united Ireland. Had the DUP one single shred of political sense (and/or decency!) they would deal with SF and try and get something for their Unionist community out of the united Ireland, rahter that hopelessly try and stem the rising tide of reunification,

Beir bua agus Tiocfaidh Ar La!


Whos Next???

As the bigoted demagogue that is Ian Richard Kyle Paisley nears the conclusion of his life, myself and another well learned republican struck up an intriguing debate on who would assume Big Docs leadership mantle once he kicks the bucket. Baby Doc can be ruled out of the running as the man has suffered a complete charisma by pass and he only holds a prominent position due to his da. He may well be next in line for Big Docs North Antrim seat but the man just lacks leadership qualities. Willie Mc Crea may well fancy himself as the next leader but all he does is sing silly songs and talk shite! Sammy 'The Stripper' Wilson may well be in the running but his economic views are likely to hinder that! Donaldson the slippery wee git (no not Dennis but Jefferey) may well be in the running though the fact he is a johnny come lately defecter would help his case much. My money is on either Peter 'The Punt' Robinson Paisleys long term right hand man or the ape lokk-a-like Nigel Dodds. It will be interesting ( and indeed quite delightful) to watch the schisms develop and grow within the DUP and who gains support from the majority is anyones guess at this stage. If any bloggers feel theres some contender I have over looked just b log them.


Balrog makes short list for 3 awards

I am delighted that Balrog has made the short list for 3 Irish Blog awards.

We are still in the Running for

1. Best Political Blog

2. Best Group Blog

and I am still in the running for

3. Best Comment/Commenter

We face stiff competition in all categories but especially in the Best Political Blog category which holds both Slugger and United Irelander.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who have voted for Balrog, it is humbling to say the least. Myself, Paddy and the gang are the ones that post the Blogs but it is the readers who fuel the debate.

It is almost a year since I first started Balrog and I never would have thought we would be were we are today.

Win or lose in the awards I am just happy that more and more people are choosing to read Balrog, our visitor numbers have never been higher.

We will continue to do what we do and hope you keep reading and posting.

Go raibh maith agat


SF Ard Fheis - My reaction so far

I caught most of Sinn Féin President Gerry Adams’ speech to the Ard Fheis this evening on RTÉ and I would agree with fellow blogger United Irelander that I was very impressed with what I heard.

Gerry set out five strategic points which he believes the party has to deal with in the next year in order to carry on with the task of building political strength and furthering Sinn Féin’s aims and objectives. He believes the party has to

- concentrate on the current negotiations to advance the peace process and ensure the Good Friday Agreement was implemented in full including resolving the issue of policing.

- develop an entirely new relationship with unionists, deepening and broadening the party’s engagement with that community.

- build support in Britain for the unification of Ireland.

- promote an Ireland of equals, emphasising the cross-border agenda.

- build up Sinn Féin as a party, giving a more prominent role to women.

I would agree with every one of these objectives and I believe they are both realistic and achievable. The issue of building support in Britain is particularly interesting. I believe this is a task which is far from impossible and it would not surprise if in some stage in the future there were more people in Britain favouring a United Ireland than supporting NI as part of the Union. These would leave Unionists isolated. However they do not have to be, it is the job of Nationalists and Republicans to ensure that Unionists realise that a United Ireland is the best option, not only for Nationalists but for all those born on or who live on this island.

I was also pleased to see Gerry deal with the ludicrous accusation which has surfaced in some quarters which claims that Sinn Féin “hi-jacked” the Easter 1916 Commerations in recent decades. This is, of course, nonsense. Sinn Féin did not hi-jack anything, rather the parties in the 26 counties abandoned the ideals and commitments of the Easter Rising martyrs. And Bertie Ahern continues to abandon the ideals of 1916 by refusing to allow access to the chambers of the Dáil and voting rights for Presidential elections to all Irish citizens on this island.

The issue of coalition government in the 26 counties was debated and although motions barring Sinn Féin from any involvement in coalition governments were defeated, the delegates did vote in favour of placing a barrier in front of any potential Sinn Féin coalition i.e. that the party should not enter coalition government without the repeal of the Offences against the State Act. On this issue, I feel the party faithful have erred. With an increased electoral mandate, the Sinn Féin leadership may be entering negotiations and I believe they should not have their hands tied or options limited in such a manner. I oppose non-jury trials completely and utterly, however I am not sure this is the most effective way to deal with the issue.

However, generally it seems to have been a very positive Ard Fheis so far. Of course, the thorny issue of Policing will be debated tomorrow and I’m sure there will be some very fortright and passionate debate, however I hope that, just like in the case of coalition government, the delegates do not rule anything out entirely but rather trust the leadership to act in the party’s best interests in any changing situation. A special Ard Fheis has already been promised before Sinn Féin will support Policing arrangements in the north and I believe this should be a sufficient safeguard for delegates worried about any future direction the party may take.


Bertie defends governmental appointment.

I don't quite know what to make of the row which has erupted over Bertie Ahern's decision to overlook Fianna Fáil TD Séan Haughey for the position of Minster of State in the Agriculture and food department. Sean Haughey is of course the son of controversial former taoiseach Charlie Haughey. Now I realise that in politics there are always difficult decisions to make, however I would sincerely hope that Séan has not been overlooked simply because of his family background, as whatever Charlie may or may not have done, it is entirely wrong to visit the sins of the father on the son. I notice there are rumours that the PDs may have been involved in turning the decision against Mr. Haughey. This may well mean that the personal vendetta between Charlie Haughey and Des O'Malley may be continuing in the next generation. All I can say is that I hope that come the next election, the PDs won't be around to influence any governmental decisions.

Sinn Féin 2006 Ard Fheis

I would like to apologise for my lack of activity this last few days, I have been busy ;)

I see that the Clár for this year's Ard Fheis has been made public. This promises to be a very interesting Ard Fheis with many controversial motions. I am glad to see that both QUB and my home Cumann have motions before the Ard Fheis.

Many political hacks have pointed to the Policing section as being the one to watch.The Tribune made ridiculous allegations of a split over policing and highlighted a motion that QUB and others are forwarding as proof.

The Ard Fheis is there for a reason and that is to debate and formulate party policy.People hold different views and that is healthy. We are not a party made up of sheep and people are entitled to put forward their views. What is clear is that once the debate is over and the votes counted the party membership will accept the outcome.

I see that there is also a motion calling for the legalisation of Abortion, this is a motion that I personally will be voting against as my view of abortion/murder is well known. QUB also have a motion in banning the party, including members, from engagement with PFI's and PPP's.

It promises to be a lively and informative Ard Fheis and I am personally looking forward to it.


Ahern gives in to Partitionists!

I was dissapointed to learn that so-called Irish Republican Bertie Ahern has caved in to pressure from West Brits and former stickies and has "watered" down proposals for Northern Representation in the Oireachtas.

The 2003 All Party committee on the constitution reccommended that there should be Northern Representation in the Oireachtas. Bertie Ahern was fully in favour of this but as ever his Republicanism has been weighed, it has been measured and it has been found wanting.

Sinn Féin Dáil leader Caoimhghin Ó Caoláin today claimed Ahern had capitulated on the issue due to pressure from Fine Gael and Labour.

“It is absolutely reprehensible that the Taoiseach now appears to have caved in to the partitionist demands of Fine Gael and Labour"

“This is an appalling capitulation by the Taoiseach and raises serious questions about his integrity on this very important issue.”

Is it not about time that Fianna Fáil removed the "Republican party" bit from their title and re-named themselves the "partitionist" party?

As for Fine Gael calling themselves the "United Ireland" party it would be funny if it wasn't so insulting.

I will say this to those on this island who resist change, you can huff and puff all you want but this Juggernaut will not be stopping!

Wise up, Junior

I see DUP loudmouth Ian Paisley Junior has called for the PSNI to become involved in the fracas which developed in Healy Park, Omagh during the Dublin Tyrone National League game a couple of Sundays ago which was televised live on TG4.

I have no doubt that disciplinary action will result from this call. After all, watching tv in Irish AND on a Sunday is bound to contravene every rule in the DUP!


Snow Patrol

How is it going?

As many of my loyal Balrog readers may know, I am a huge Snow Patrol fan. I was lucky enough tonight to attend a small set (600) of their new material in QUBSU's Mandela Hall. They played their new stuff as well as the old and it was a fantastic set with plently of drink ;)

The Final Straw album is the only album that I have in my possession in which I listen to every single song. This album holds many happy memories for me from starting University to women. It is one of them album's that cheer you up as soon as you listen to it.

For any Snow Patrol fans out there I can assure you that the new single is fantastic!


Hunger Strikes, 25 years on!

This year marks the 25th Anniversary of the 1981 Hunger Strike in which 10 brave men gave their lives rather than be classified as criminals. Gerry Adams today launched a year long series of events to mark the 25th Anniversary. He was joined by Oliver Hughes ( Brother of IRA Hunger Striker Francis Hughes) and former prisoners Martina Anderson and Seando Moore.

I was not alive in 1981 but I know the Hunger Strikes had a profound effect on my parent's generation. Even though I wasn't alive in 1981 the Hunger Strikes has still had a significant impact on my Republican politics. We all know the memorable quotes of the era coming from Fr McCreesh, "My Brother is not a Criminal" and of course Bobby Sands who gave so much and whose memory and words continue to give so much to the Republican cause.

When thinking about a United Ireland I honestly always hark back to the quote of Bobby Sands, "Our revenge shall be the laughter of our children"

These men gave their lives for their belief in the Republican cause. They refused to let that bitch Thatcher criminalise the struggle, they stopped her with their sacrifice!

Gerry Adams said today

"The prison protests of the late 1970s and early 1980s and in particular the Hunger Strike of 1981 were watershed moments in Irish history. It does not seem like 25 years ago when 10 republican prisoners lost their lives when faced with an intransigent British government in London and an Irish government in Dublin more interested in self interest than seeking a resolution to the situation in the H-Blocks and Armagh prison"

My Uncle was on the prison protests of the late 70's and my mother can remember it as if it was yesterday. Her mother died the day after he was arrested and the Brits refused to allow him to go to the funeral but allowed a Loyalist to attend his grandmothers. Therefore, in my own family's history it was a turbulent time.

"The forthcoming year will provide an opportunity to reflect upon the ten men who died, the contribution they made and the sacrifices made by their families during the summer of 1981. These events must also be about more than looking back. They must also be about looking to the future, exploring how best we move our struggle forward in the coming years and how best we complete the job of delivering Irish unity and independence.

"The commemorative calendar will also allow a new generation of Irish people who weren't even born in 1981 to learn about the time and participate in mapping out the future. My generation of Irish republicans will never forget those terrible months from March to October when ten men died in the H-Blocks of Long Kesh and over 50 others died on our streets, but in marking the 25th Anniversary of the Hunger Strike we have an opportunity to celebrate their lives, remember their sacrifice and rededicate ourselves to advancing the struggle in the time."

As I said these men died rather than be classified as criminals, their bravery and determination has become a source of inspiration for a new generation of Irish Republicans.

Bobby Sands, IRA. Francis Hughes, IRA.
Began Strike on March 1st. Began Strike on March 15th.
Died May 5th, 1981. Died May 12th, 1981.

Patsy O'Hara, INLA. Raymond McCreesh, IRA.
Began Strike on March 22nd. Began Strike on March 22nd.
Died May 21st, 1981. Died May 21st, 1981.

Joe McDonnell, IRA. Kieran Doherty, IRA.
Began Strike on May 9th. Began Strike on May 22nd.
Died July 8th, 1981. Died August 2nd, 1981

Kevin Lynch, INLA. Martin Hurson, IRA.
Began Strike on May 23rd. Began Strike on May 29th.
Died August 1st, 1981. Died July 13th, 1981.

Tom McElwee, IRA. Mickey Devine, INLA.
Began Strike on June 8th. Began Strike on June 22nd.
Died August 8th, 1981. Died August 20th, 1981.

We remember them with pride!

CFC to meet Frazer.

I'm both surprised and disappointed to hear that Celtic Football Club are to meet with loyalist Director of Hate, Willie Frazer in an attempt to deal with allegations over secterianism. To me, this flies in the face of all logic. How can you deal with secterianism by meeting with a secterian hate-filled bigot?

If Celtic feel there is a problem within their support, then by all means deal with it in whatever way necessary but surely there are far more important and useful groups to be meeting with to tackle the problem. This seems to me to be nothing more than a PR exercise and it is a very misguided one. Frazer has shown his complete ignorance by coming out with the laughable statement that "Rangers seem to have knocked this sort of behaviour on the head." Really Mr. Frazer? Have you ever had a look at any Rangers fans' meesageboard where the amount of seething hatred and secterianism on show is appalling? Of course he hasn't, because Frazer is only interested in secterianism when he feels he can make himself a victim. He doesn't want to mention things like Rangers player Bobby Malcolm signing a fans' cast with the words FTP (a derogratory reference to his holiness the Pope for the more naive amongst you).

As I've written before, there is nothing Frazer craves more than respectability. Shame on Celtic for helping him gain it.

DUP support Unification

I was watching last Thursday's Prime Time and I was shocked by the language of DUP MLA Edwin Poots. The programme looked at the issue of the Easter Rising and the fact that Fianna Fáil are re-introducing the Easter Parade. There is no doubt that Ahern is trying in vain to "out Republicanise" Sinn Féin but I support it none the less.

The interesting thing for me however was the language of Poots, who upon reflection must feel like an idiot. He regretted the partition of Ireland and came across at times as a Nationalist. He did however fail to realise that the Partition of Ireland was the fault of Unionism.

That is not up for debate!

Had it not been for Unionist unwillingness to share power with Catholics we would never have had a partitioned Island. On this note, Unionism must learn from the mistakes of their fore fathers. Just as their bigotry divided Ireland their present day bigotry may Unite it.

The Easter Rising is a very important part of my history, matched only by the 1981 Hunger Strikes. On my wall I have two framed pictures, one of the Proclamation and one of James Connolly. It is an event that needs to be celebrated, from the blood of those volunteer's sprung the light of liberty. That full liberty has not yet been realised but every Irish man and woman should be indebted to those brave men and women.

That odious creature of the night, Eoghan Harris, was his usual self. He described the Irish volunteers as "suicide bombers"; perhaps it's time to invoke Hensons Law on this imbecile.

Harris's ignorance is not surprising; he has always exuded an aura of a man who is ashamed to be Irish.

Martin Manseragh and Caoimhin O'Caolain got particularly annoyed by his disgusting comments and I don't blame them.

Poots's comments however were priceless!

According to Poots the men who fought in the Somme were justified because they went off to fight Imperalism.

What does he think the Easter Rising was about?

I wonder if his foot is still in his mouth?


Morality, Catholic style!

Am I the only one, apart from Vincent Browne it seems, to be totally disgusted by the barefaced double standards and unbelievable logic of the situation surrounding former Bishop of Galway Eamonn Casey?

The demand from certain quarters of Catholic society that he apologise for the "hurt" he caused before he be allowed to settle back in Ireland boils my blood!

This man behaved badly towards his former partner, Annie Murphy, and towards their son, Peter. It is to them that he owes an apology, not to anyone else. He has already apologised in the past to the "public"

What annoys me so much is the lack of perspective in this case. Mr Casey didn't do anything unnatural. He embraced his humanity and gave in to temptation. How many of us could say with hand on heart that we could live an unnatural life of celibacy?

He engaged in one of the most natural human emotions that we have, love!

What annoys me is the sheer hypocrisy coming from certain quarters of the church who weren't so vocal when it came to the dirty perverted bastards of the cloth!

These scumbags abused children over and over again and what did the Church do? They tried to buy the children's silence!

They moved these filth merchants around to different parishes and allowed them to do it to different children all over again. They concealed and lied time after time.

This sort of hypocrisy and disgusting logic places a deep poison in the depth of my stomach. Paedophilia is unnatural, celibacy is unnatural and abusing little children so that some dirty old bastard gets his jollies is definitely unnatural. They are all actions against God, what Eamonn Casey did is not unnatural and not an action against God.

Some of the blinded sheep that roam amongst the Catholic Church would need to wake up!

This story has really annoyed me!

What does everyone else think?


Berry resigns

I see that Paul Berry has resigned from the DUP. Obviously this prooves once and for all that his protestations about how the Sunday World sex scandal were fabricated were nothing other than a desperate lie on DUP MLA's behalf. I'm sure all those people he threatened to sue are quaking in their boots.

I have little sympathy for Mr. Berry given the manner in which he conducted his political career, however I would feel sorry for his wife and family. However the most important thing which has to be examined is the actual reasoning behind his resignation. Is it against DUP rules to be a homosexual? The facts would suggest that it is and if so, this represents appalling bigotry.

The news will mean that the DUP may be nominating a replacement MLA (although you could argue how necessary that is). Whats odds on it being everybody's favourite LoveUlster bigot, the bould William Frazer?

Peter "the punt" told to put up or shut up!

I was delighted to hear that the man Peter "the punt" Robinson named, cowardly, under "parliamentry privilage" has challenged him to check his books or recant his statement.

Robinson claimed that Peter Curistan was linked to "IRA dirty money". Mr Curistan, chairman of the Sheridan Group, the company behind the Odyssey Centre, denied the claim.

"I was horrified at these scandalous allegations that put my life and my family's life in jeopardy,"

"I call on Peter Robinson now to come in and inspect all our books; for him to appoint whatever accountancy firm he wants to come in an inspect our books for the last 10 years," he said.

"It has been done every year by PriceWaterhouseCoopers, they have not qualified the accounts in any way... If he does not take my offer up I think we all know the standard of his accusations"

This blog has already outlined the cowardly actions of Robinson but it should come as no surprise to Balrog readers as Robinson has a history of cowardice.

This is a man who led an "invasion party" of a couple hundred "loyalists" into the Monaghan town of Clontibret. The "loyalists" entered the Garda station in the village and physically assaulted two Garda officers, and then held a quasi-military drill in the square. Robinson was later arrested. He pleaded guilty to unlawful assembly and was fined £17,500 in a Drogheda court because of the incident.

This "man" could have stuck out his prison sentence for his "political beliefs" but instead tucked tail and run, paying his punts to the Irish government and thus earning the affectionate nickname, Peter "the punt" Robinson.

How this man has the nerve to talk about democracy I will never know.

Yet more cowardly actions from the punt but it is what we have come to expect from the "red beret".


Don't protest at LoveUlster, ignore them

I see that the Dublin "LoveUlster" parade is to be met with a counter-protest by "dissident Republicans." Do these idiots not realise that this is exactly what Frazer wants?!

Don't get me wrong, LoveUlster is an organisation run by secterian bigots for secterian bigots but the point is that they are coming to Dublin not to "spread their message" but rather in the hope that their parade will either be banned or attacked in order that they can try to show that Ireland is a state hostile to Unionists.

Frazer craves respectability but while his organisation is exposed for the hatred and bigotry it displays, he can never hope to have any credibility. FAIR characterises a bigoted, one-sided notion of victimhood. They hope to be able to expand this falsehood. This LoveUlster campaign is to pitied and ignored rather than actively challenged and those who fail to realise this play right into the bigots' hands.

Seamus Ludlow

I see that "Justice" Minister Michael McDowell has apoligised to the Ludlow family for the way the state treated them. He said it was "a matter of profound regret" that the Gardaí failed to conduct a proper investigation. Seamus Ludlow was murdered by a British Army/UDR and Loyalist Red Hand Commando murder gang. He was a totally innocent man whom the Gardaí at the time claimed was murdered by the IRA for being an informer.

I know a lot of the extended Ludlow family, I grew up beside them and this case needs to be resolved and an inquiry needs to be establised to asertain the full facts behind this man's murder.

According to former Sunday Tribune "journalist" Ed Moloney Gardaí may have covered-up the murder ago because of his killers’ links with British military intelligence, an Oireachtas committee heard today.

“Gardaí smeared the Ludlow family in a shameful and disgustingly callous fashion,”

He said the Garda allegation that Mr Ludlow was an IRA informer had caused divisions in the Ludlow family which lasted for two decades, as they rowed over the cause of his death, and prevented them from mounting a cohesive campaign for the truth.

He raised a series of questions about links between the Gardaí and British military intelligence at the time of Mr Ludlow’s death.

“There is no doubt the British have over the years attempted to place agents in the Gardaí,”

In a wide-ranging presentation, he was warned several times by the committee chairman Fianna Fáil TD Sean Ardagh not to use the names of people implicated in murders and spying.

Moloney said one of the four loyalists implicated in the killing of Seamus Ludlow, who he referred as number three, was a member of the Red Hand Commando and had been described as a psychopath with a fearsome and bloody reputation.

“Number three is living in England since the 1980s. I was told by UVF sources that he had departed under a cloud and when I asked if he was an informer, I was told it was reasonable to assume that he was.”

Moloney said there were other cases where British intelligence had allowed an innocent person to be killed despite being warned by their informers. He referred to the killing of Belfast solicitor Pat Finucane in 1989 and the shooting of Francisco Notarantonio in 1987.

He described how a member of the Ludlow family living in South Armagh had been arrested in the wake of the murder and questioned about the progress of the Garda investigation.

“Why were the British army so interested in the Ludlow family case that they dispatched soldiers and helicopters? My allegation is that the British army wanted to know if one of their agents was in trouble.”

He said that a full public inquiry into the murder of Seamus Ludlow would deal with the great unanswered question: was one of the killers a British informer and what did the gardaí and the State know about it?

I don't agree with Moloney very often but I do on this occassion. A full public inquiry is the only way to assertain the full facts.


Free Speech? You're having a laugh

Throughout the past few weeks, the issue of free speech has been an extermly important issue with some saying that the right to free speech is vital while many Islamics believe that free speech should not be used to mock religious figures. However on another website i came across a shocking example of the manner in which free speech is denied.

Spot the difference between the two links.

Google worldwide

Google in China

Victory for Consumers

Good to hear that O2 Ireland are to abolish roaming charges. As has been pointed out on this and other blogs, roaming charges are a disgrace are nothing more than a racketerring scheme for companies to profit from the border.

The next step is for O2 UK to follow suit and also abolish the charges in order to give mobile phone users in border areas a fair deal. Mitchel McLaughlin has called for this to be introduced with immediate effect and believes that if the mobile phone companies do act themselves, that the governments should intervene;

If O2 (UK) does not voluntarily follow this policy then it will present Peter Hain with a perfect opportunity to put his comments into action by giving the regulators the necessary powers to enforce such a policy, not just on O2 but on all of the service providers who continue to rip off their customers.

Political survey

I see United Irelander tagged me for this survey. Bear in mind that I have yet to be to bed, it's 6.45am and my head is fucked!

That said, it was a great night ;)

Gender: Male

Age: (1-18; 19-30; 31-45; 46-60; 60+) 19-30


Country of residence: Ireland

Sexual Orientation:Straight/hetrosexual

Do you have a disability? No

How would you describe your political philosophy? Socialist Republican

Level of education (primary; post-primary; third-level; graduate; professional) Third level

If you were to vote on party lines which party would you choose (Ireland)? Sinn Féin

If you were to vote on party lines which party would you choose (UK)? In Scotland, the Scottish Socialist party. In Wales, Plaid Cymru. In England, Respect.

If you were to vote on party lines which party would you choose (USA)? Possibly Democrat

Where do you stand on the EU? Not a huge fan

Did you support the invasion of Afghanistan? No

Did you support the invasion of Iraq? No!!!

Do you continue to support either or both of those conflicts? No, never did.

What do you believe is the single biggest issue facing Irish politics? The unification of our country and the ending of partition.

What do you believe is the single biggest issue facing European politics? Stopping the superstate

What do you believe is the single biggest issue facing international politics? Creating peace with the middle-east

Are you, have you ever been, and do you ever wish to be involved in politics in a party political manner? I am, I am a proud Sinn Féin member.

Who would you have voted for in the past US Presidential Election? Kerry

Anyone who hasn't been tagged consider yourself tagged


Songs of fallen hero's?

I was listening to a few of my CD's over the weekend when in a quiet moment of realisation the irrefutable role song has played in the republican struggle dawned on me. Song has been a bastion of strength for republicans throughout the multifarious phases of our ages old freedom struggle. Songs such as The Two Brendans and Pol Kinsella recall for republicans poignantly the selfless sacrifice their comrades made for the cause of Irish unification.

Republicans have also used song to motivate themselves in the face of grave despair as songs like Roll of Honour and Loughall prove. But then there's songs like Old Brigade and Celtic Symphony that every wanabee Provo and bar stool 'republican' knows and sings whilst absolutely pissed.

This has in turn created its own problem of certain bands such as the Wolfe Tones shamefully profiteering from republican music and the republican cause. I would not mind if the fuckers were republican but they aren't. A friend of my told me how his family from Belfast met the four fuck bags in Dublin. It was a big thing for his family meeting the Wolfe Tones but when they asked them their opinion on the situation in the 6 counties at the time (1970s) one replied "We don't support that kind of thing. We're more about the Old IRA." I wonder if the fucker knows 'Take it Down'.

Don't get me wrong, I am all in favour of rebel bands selling CDs and helping the cause at the same time. I know many rebel bands like Finin, Village Folk and Shebeen are genuine republicans. Shebeen have even donated the proceeds of their first CDs to Tyrone PDF!

Shame on you, Bertie

I'd like to add my support by the outrage which has been articulated by fellow blogger United Irelander at the news that taoiseach Bertie Ahern has turned down requests for Irish citizens in the six counties to be allowed vote to elect the President of Ireland, their own head of state. It is disgraceful that Irish citizens in the north cannot vote for their own President, espicially when you conisder that the current President, Mary McAleese also hails from the north. She was not even able to vote for herself in her election! This is the sort of thing that annoys me espicially when you consider that Fianna Fáil claim to be a Republican party. If that is true, then how about they engage in some Republican activities now and again?!

UI has urged people to email their criticism of this decision directly to Bertie Ahern at taoiseach@taoiseach.gov.ie. I realise some people might find it difficult to know exactly what to say so I thought I'd re-produce one email which has already been sent from United Irelander commentator, PopeBuckfastXVI.


I am writing to you to vocalise my support for the extension of voting rights in Irish Presidential elections to Irish people in Northern Ireland. The President of the Irish Nation should be elected by the Irish Nation.

May I remind you of Article 2 of our constitution..."It is the entitlement and birthright of every person born in the island of Ireland, which includes its islands and seas, to be part of the Irish Nation. That is also the entitlement of all persons otherwise qualified in accordance with law to be citizens of Ireland."

Please end this discrimination as soon as possible.


I'd encourage as many Balrog readers as possible to get involved in this worthy campaign. The Irish people in the six counties should not be excluded from this fundemental activity of the Irish nation. What we need is "A President for All".

Dermot stands up to the bigot

Fair play to Dermot Ahern for standing up to Paisley with regards to the DUP leader's disgraceful remarks about President Mary McAleese. I was talking to a Donegal Fianna Fáil supporter last night and he remarked that many in the south feel that too often the Irish government treat Paisley with kid gloves and allow him to get away with disgraceful bigotry towards the Irish state and Irish people. These sorts of comments should not be tolerated and Paisley should not be allowed to think that he can bully people into accepting these disgraceful slurs.

Once more Paisley has political isolated himself as the people who the DUP are supposed to be loyal too i.e. the Queen and the British government have been quick to distance themselves from his remarks. Peter Hain commented that;

The British Government holds President McAleese in very high regard. The Queen holds her in high regard. I personally am a great admirer of hers

What Paisley said should not be tolerated. As Dermot Ahern rightly pointed out, the Irish government would not make up lies about British leaders and if Ian Paisley has nothing to say about President McAleese which is not a lie and an unwarranted attack, then he should keep his mouth shut.

Islamic reaction cannot be condoned.

Ok, is anything else simply stunned by the furore that has developed over the cartoons of Muhammad saga?

Personally I can find no way to condone the disgraceful scenes that have been seen around the world. I value free speech and I believe that people have the right to say what they want, within reason, without having their countrymen and women put in danger in embassies all over the world. The reaction has been extremist and, to my mind, downright scary. Ayatolla Khamenei has called the cartoons a "conspiracy by Zionists who were angry because of the victory of Hamas" despite the fact that the cartoons were initially printed months before the Hamas victory and in a country far from Israel.

This blog has always opposed Zionism but it is not a Zionist plot to comment that reacting to a cartoon by demanding its author be beheaded is an unacceptable reaction. I have always opposed the demonisation of Islam and its followers. Certainly people have the right to protest, but there is also a right to free speech, and more importantly, a right not to have someone threaten to chop your head off.

However, I think it also important to ensure that all followers of Islam are not tarred with the same brush as the extermists and we should also point out that Minister for Justice, Michael McDowell has praised Irish Muslims for their considered and moderate reaction to events.

Fermanagh republicans make Irish president feel welcome

I was pleased to learn from a Balrog reader (Thanks J) that Republicans in Roslea, after hearing Paisley's comments on Saturday about Mary McAleese not feeling comfortable in RUC/PSNI military bases, decided to erect a tricolour on the lookout tower of Roslea's British embassy.

The base is currently being dismantled by a crowd of very rude Orangemen (who no doubt were ferried in and out of the area over the years to rebuild and renovate it).

The protest was about the failure of the Police Authority to engage with the community and come to agreement on the community groups use of the site and buildings.

Instead the Police Authority intend to sell it to the highest bidder starting at £600,000. A union jack was flown full time in the base by the Brits, much to the annoyance of the nationalist residents of Roslea.

Perhaps Mary could visit this RUC/PSNI station, now under our National flag.

(Even though we couldn’t vote for her!)

Would this please Paisley do you think?


Big Ian doing what he does best!

Big Ian has gone and done it again. As we all know, this man is a sectarian bigot, an inciter to violence, and a racist.

I believe there has to be questions asked about his mental state.

The Big Rev. has done some crazy things in his day, calling the Pope the Anti-Christ many times in public probably the most outrageous!

Lately the so called Doctor has raised his head again after a short absence from the public scene only to do what he does best, insulting people.

It wasn't enough to state that "Brian Cowan must have been a bad child, because with lips like those his mother must have stuck them to the floorboards".

Now he's insulted The President!

Paisley stated today, "I don't like her because she is dishonest. She pretends to love this province and she hates it."

The only one in my opinon who can't be trusted is Ian! Mrs McAleese never helped to found a terrorist group like Ulster Resistance.

Stop the bullshit Ian! Never mind insulting people, get down to negotiating! Never mind nit picking about the IRA. and exactly how they put their arms beyond use.

Where are the guns of Ulster Resistance Rev?

Maybe you should take some photo's of those!


Political dinosaur getting desperate

It seems the DUP's level of desperation is gaining by the day. It appears that Ian Paisley is now demanding that Sinn Féin be disbarred from the talks. I do find it a little sad that the orphan boy Oliver is calling on the Brits to ban Sinn Féin, the majority Nationalist party in the 6 counties, from the talks process.

According to Paisley "You cannot sit at a table as IRA/Sinn Féin"

I agree, that is not a factor however because we sit at the talks table as Sinn Féin.

When Paisley calls for Sinn Féin to be disbarred he is in effect calling for the majority of Nationalists in North to be disbarred. This is hardly surprising considering Paisleys past.

Paisley needs to accept that today is a totally different ball game. Republicans will not be sidelined by sectarian bigots.

We are at the talks table by virtue of our electoral mandate, the same as Paisley.

I always knew big Ian had a problem understanding democracy.

DUP apoligise to Sinn Féin!

Congratulations to Sinn Féin councillor Billy Leonard. Just before Christmas, I blogged an article detailing how the DUP had disgracefully tried to exclude Billy for Coleraine councill's annual Christmas reception. Billy was unwilling to let the matter rest and allow the DUP to get away with such discrimination and so took a case under Equality legislation. This was forced the DUP mayor into a humiliating climbdown and he has been forced to admit he acted contary to the law and has had to apoligise to the Sinn Féin representative. That's one huge piece of humble pie!

Fair play to Billy who is doing an excellent job as the only Sinn Féin representative on Coleraine council. He commented afterwards that;

This was a clear cut case of misrepresenting the ratepayer. The DUP mayor tried to pursue his party policy of excluding Sinn Féin from a function paid for by the ratepayer. It didn't work and perhaps the DUP in Coleraine and elsewhere will learn from this episode.
There may be only one Sinn Féin councillor on Coleraine Borough Council but we as a party are determined to pick our challenges wisely. I believe this is the first time that the DUP have admitted that they acted against the law and apologised to a Sinn Féin representative.

Eight months into this Council term and Sinn Féin has drawn a firm line against unionist intransigence and there will be more."

Billy is a controversial figure to many but having met him, I am of the opinion that is a genuine Republican and a man of integrity who has made many brave decisions in his life. He stands up for what he believes in him and I don't think that Republicans in Coleraine could have a better representative. I have no doubt that he will continue his excellent work, representating his constituents and highlighting Unionist discrimination and bigotry.