Unionism: Hear no evil, See no evil, Speak no sense!

Tom McGurk's article in today's Sunday Buisness Post is excellent. In his article Tom looks to the upcoming "Love Ulster" rally that Willie Frazer and his rag-tag bunch are organising for Dublin.

Tom correctly states that this "rally" should be allowed to pass without protest or incident. It is just the sort of senario that Frazer and his friends don't want to see happen. Tom contends that

"Frazer's ragged army, a living museum piece of a long-past imperial age, deserves our compassion, not our contempt. Over a century, as the imperial tide has ebbed away from this island, the last loyal tribe now finds itself trapped on a small disappearing sandbank they call ‘Ulster'"

Tom correctly states that Orange parading in the North was always about public displays of territorialism or as Adrian Guelke would say, "Acts of communal detterence". His article presents the ideology that is Unionism as one akin to the ship Titanic, slowy sinking into the sea of history.

"Unable to contemplate moving into deeper waters to effect their rescue, they simply sit there now - generation after generation - solemnly saying no. Since 1998, the rescue boats have been hovering nearby, but to no avail. Shivering in the 21st century winds that blow from all directions, they have simply wrapped themselves in the last remaining mantle of sectarianism and refused to budge"

The article then goes on to articulate some excellent points on what Unionism
and indeed everyone can expect from the years ahead as the border is slowly
ebbed away and the Celtic Tiger flexes it's muscles east of the Bann.

The futures bright, it's not Orange!

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