Umpa lumpa takes a swipe at Sinn Féin

It seems that Umpa Lumpa AKA Peter Hain has trouble understanding the meaning of "On-The-Run". According to Hain

“When it became evident that Sinn Féin, which had
asked for this legislation
in respect of on-the-runs, had instructed the
on-the-runs not to use it
it included and applied to the security
forces, what was the
purpose of
proceeding with legislation designed to
achieve an objective
for which the
people were not going to insert

on earth they thought security forces could
be excluded, I don’t know.”

Very simply Hain, On-The-Run legislation was supposed to deal with people "On-The-Run"

Name me one RUC or British army officer who is On-The-Run?

You can't because there aren't any!

This was supposed to deal with a small number of people who were an
anomaly from the GFA.

This was not meant to be an excuse for you to try and
cover up British collusion.

When the British revisit this issue they better do what was agreed, namely putting forward legislation for "On-The-Runs" and not as an excuse to try and cover up over 30 years of State Murder.

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