Touts- an unfortunate reality

So another tout has been outed bringing the grand total to two and already some are predicting that the end is nigh for Sinn Féin. They only wish that was the case.

After the Donaldson affair was revealed, I read a comment in the media from a Republican (can't remember the name) that the worst thing to happen now would be for fellow Republicans to start looking at each other with fear and suspicion. This is entirely true. The disabling of Sinn Féin is what the anti-peace process elements want. These people fear change and they known that Sinn Féin's agenda of change is against their own interests. No spies within the SDLP have been outed, why not? Because the agenda of the SDLP continues to be one approved of by the British establishment. Why try to bring down something that is of no threat to you?

I believe that with the important negotiations re devolution and important internal debates re policing coming up that Special Branch has decided that now is the time at which it can cause its enemy the most damage by revealing its grubby little secrets.

So what if there were a few informants? It is an unfortunate part of struggle. And the glee of those reporting on various blogs says more about them than it does about any Republican.

Lets also get a little perspective here. People are going around claiming that touts were running the movement. What a load of rubbish. The man was Sinn Féin election worker. So have I been and what I could tell the Brits that they don't already know wouldn't worth the price of a phone call to them.

My main point is, let the anti-Republicans have their moment in the sunlight. Let the SDLP enjoy their moment of glory (forgetting of course that this policy continued while they were lying to nationalists pretending that the RUC had changed and that the old days were gone forever).

When all is said and done, what we have accomplished so far will still be there and our aims and objectives will remain the same.

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