There's a Rabitte on my tail?

I'm a little freaked out!

I was trawling through the Balrog archives when I came to a test that Chris posted nearly a year ago which involves you answering questions about your political opinions. From your answer, the test then determines which political party you are closest to. Now I remembering doing it at the time and unsurprisingly the result was Sinn Féin, however I took it again today just out of boredom and it seems I might well be supporting the wrong party!

My results were -

#1 Labour

#2 Sinn Féin

#3 Green Party

#4 Fianna Fail

#5 Fine Gael

#6 Progressive Democrats

Now I certainly won't be sending away to Pat Rabbitte for a membership form but it certainly was an interesting test. Try it yourself and maybe you'll be as surprised as I was. Unionists might find it interesting to see what party they'd be supporting if they'd ended up on the other side of the border.

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