State pays to have child murdered

I am shocked and disgusted to learn that the Health Service Executive paid to have a teenage girl go to Britain to have an abortion. We have no way of knowing whether this was constitutional as the HSE are refusing to give any details.
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After the X case the Supreme Court ruled that an expectant mother had a right to an abortion here if there was a substantive risk to her life, including the threat of suicide.

Since we have no details on this case we have know way of knowing whether the relevant factors were present to warrant such action

This sets a dangerous precedent; the HSE is a state body and as such is answerable to the Irish people. The Irish people acquiesced to the parameters of the X Case out of compassion for vulnerable women.

Neither they nor the Supreme Court allowed uppity state agencies the power to decide when abortion/murder was legal.

Don't get me wrong, I do support the parameters of the X Case but it is with a heavy heart.

The issue of unborn children needs to be clarified under Bunreacht Na hÉireann; they must be given the right to life.

If this does not happen then our society will continue to inhabit the moral quagmire that has developed since the Liberalisation of Irish society.

The same Liberalisation that has allowed anti-Irish cretins like the PD’s to permeate the very heart of our government.

The Smoking ban goes to show just how warped our priorities have become. We protect others from the "risks" of passive smoking with rigour but we show a laid back attitude when it comes to protecting the life of an unborn child.

Society is judged by how it protects it's most vulnerable

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