Sinn Féin calls for all-Ireland currency

Sinn Féin believes that the Euro should replace sterling as the currency in the 6 counties to pave the way for an all-Ireland economy. Sinn Féin made the proposal in a draft Enterprise and Job Creation policy document to be voted upon at the party’s Ard Fheis next month.

Mitchel McLoughlin, who was a member of a Policy Review Group that drafted the document, said having a single currency would promote economic harmonisation north and south of the border. Mitchel said

“The extension of the euro throughout the whole island
is part of the transition to an all-Ireland economy with one tax regime and one

“We believe that currency
harmonisation is a necessary step in paving the way for reunification and would
yield substantial benefits in terms of economic development particularly for
those communities in the border region.”

The party is also proposing that a harmonised 17.5% rate of corporation tax north and south of the border should be imposed and calls for all-island bodies to encourage indigenous and overseas investment.

I agree with these proposals 100%

I work in the 26 counties and get paid in Euro, it would make far for economic sense for the 6 counties to have a euro currency as it would not only encourage inward investment but it would also encourage price harmonisation and bring balance to the high prices in the 26 counties.

For such a small island it makes perfect sense to have as much economic harmonisation as possible.

I believe that this policy would be welcomed by the majority of businesses in the 6 counties and the island as a whole.

I just hope that certain people can look outside their sectarian boxes and see the economic sense that such a move would make.

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