Should he be there?

I see George Galloway MP has entered the Big Brother house and will be taking part in this year's celebrity installment of the popular reality TV show. Unsurprisingly David Vance is none too impressed at this latest career path of the anti-war MP and to a certain extent I have to agree with the criticism of Galloway.

Now I'll freely admit to respecting and admiring Mr. Galloway and had i been a voter in Bethnal Green and Bow in May, I would probably have cast my vote for George. however since being elected mr. Galloway has certainly given the impression that he is more interested in globe-trotting to enhance his own reputation than in effectively representing his consituents. I agree that it is necessary to take the anti-war arguement to as many different places as possible, however Mr. Galloway seems to find a difficulty in striking a balance between this and doing the job he was elected to do.

I believe House of Commons business begins again on Monday. What important legislation will be discussed next week while George may still be sitting in the BB house? This is an ill-advised move on Mr. Galloway's part in my opinion.

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